Your parts re-engineered lighting fast, leaving them better protected against wear than ever

If you expect your machinery to perform at nothing less than 100% capacity, you will need to replace a part here and there in due course, preferably during scheduled downtime. In the event of any unplanned downtime, it is crucial that any worn-out components are replaced as quickly as possible. To keep the cost to a minimum, De Beleyr offers a lightning-fast and extremely cost-effective alternative to having to buy new parts.

Less downtime thanks to stronger wear parts

With De Beleyr-Engineering, you get access to a team of highly qualified professionals with a singular focus on getting your industrial components to keep running for longer than ever before, whether you're looking to preventively re-engineer new components to make them more durable or bring worn components back to being as good as new.

Through thermal spraying, applying the best possible coating for your application and grinding to the smallest level of tolerance, De Beleyr extends the service life of your installations to lengths you've never seen before! Choosing us means choosing revolutionary industrial repair and maintenance — plus less downtime, of course!