We make your 

parts better.



As a family business, De Beleyr-Engineering has known how to focus on one particular mission since the very beginning: making critical components stronger.

Brilliance, sevenfold:

Here's how we help you and your parts shine!

60 years of experience in our field

Our advice is rooted in six decades of experience in the field of thermal spraying and coatings.

Lightning-fast production

With speeds up to 7000 km/h, we deliver top quality, fast.

We never shy away from a challenge

Huge parts, tiny parts, extremely complex parts: no challenge is too great for us.

Our service knows no limits

However large your part, there are no limits to the service we provide — or the locations we deliver to!

In-house engineering

Only got a vague idea of what you want? No worries: our drawing office will bring your concept to life!

Dedicated metrology room

You can count on De Beleyr for the most accurate and verified tolerances.

Made to measure by people

The people you'll deal with at De Beleyr speak your language. They know your sector, and they are experts in their field!