Reuse your parts at a fraction of their new price

Replacing worn parts takes a big chunk out of the budget of many production firms. Fortunately, De Beleyr is on hand to help you find significant savings. Our innovative processing methods, including thermal spraying, coating and grinding, enable you to repair both new and worn parts or make them more durable at a fraction of the price you would spend buying those parts new.

A 60% saving on the price of new components

Anyone confronted with parts that wear down too quickly is forced to keep new, pricey spare parts in stock if they want to avoid any downtime. With De Beleyr-Engineering, you not only get the technically sophisticated parts that you're looking for, you also stand to gain from a budget perspective

100% in-house production

At De Beleyr, we swear by in-house production, which enables us to retain full control over the production and re-engineering process of your parts. That way, we're able to not only offer the highest quality, but super-quick delivery times too. Losing sleep over downtime and all that dead money in the form of spare parts sitting in your stock room: they're both a thing of the past.

A solution for both large and precision parts

Our thermal spraying, coating and grinding processes are suitable for both sizeable parts and precision components, offering a wide range of benefits either way. To name just one example, spraying materials to achieve a higher level of hardness, integrating specific coatings and grinding greatly improves the wear-resistance of your components, meaning they last longer and making sure your machines run more efficiently.