Bring an obsolete spare part back into production, stronger than ever

Need a crucial spare part that’s no longer made by the manufacturer, or sick of seeing the same part wear out way too quickly over and over again? Using our reverse engineering methods, we carefully measure existing parts and draw up new plans on the basis of those dimensions, before optimising the design, the choice of material, and the coating. Discover how you stand to gain!

Get your own as-built plans

Having access to accurate technical drawings and CAD files is crucial to keep your production up and running without a hitch, as drawings without the correct tolerances or outdated as-built plans can lead to errors and delays. De Beleyr-Engineering offers an answer to these problems using reverse engineering: we carefully measure your parts before drawing up detailed plans and 3D CAD models.


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Make the most of our comprehensive parts database

As a business, you generally need to set aside a significant amount of precious floor space for the obligatory storage of spare parts – and in principle, that space only starts to pay off when a machine breakdown occurs. De Beleyr-Engineering’s gigantic database of plans for previous parts and rapid delivery times can help you use that bit of your factory floor for more useful purposes going forward.


Free up space and increase your profitability with reverse engineering

Let us suggest an alternative in a stronger material

“Everything was better in the olden days.” It sounds like a cliché, but that doesn’t mean there’s no truth to it. After all, OEMs tend to focus more on their own cost efficiency, and less on the lifespan/service life of a component. Using reverse engineering, we can produce those same parts in a stronger, more wear-resistant material, finished with a suitable, ultra-resistant coating if necessary.


Count on our expertise with materials for more wear-resistant parts

Put an end to erratic delivery times by your suppliers

De Beleyr-Engineering uses reverse engineering to help you move away from the price and delivery pressure put on you by your suppliers. After all, spare parts aren’t exactly cheap, and their price often bears little relation to their production cost. And that’s before we mention the fact you’re entirely reliant on your suppliers’ delivery times. However, if you yourself have accurate plans to hand, these troubles are a thing of the past. We’re happy to help you get hold of the right plans, and what’s more: we’ve got plenty of production capacity to manufacture parts in no time!


Get your parts manufactured for a lower cost at better quality!