Thermal spraying for beginners

Thermal spraying is an advanced technology that offers a host of benefits when it comes to repairing and manufacturing parts. The process involves the application of a coating to a surface by melting a powder or wire and spraying it onto the surface in question.

  • Save time, money and natural resources
    One of the main benefits of thermal spraying is the fact that this technology makes it possible to repair parts instead of replacing them altogether. This not only saves you time and money; it also reduces the amount of waste generated as a result of parts being replaced. Thermally sprayed coatings can also be applied to a vast array of tools, which significantly expands the options in terms of repairing components.
  • Highly accurate and uniform coating
    Another benefit of thermal spraying is that this method allows you to apply highly accurate and uniform coatings to components. This matters most during the production of new parts, where the precision of the coating can be of crucial importance to the performance and service life of a part. Thermal spraying can be used to apply highly uniform coatings to a range of surfaces and materials, greatly improving the performance and durability of the component in question.
  • Lend materials a range of unique properties
    On top of that, thermal spraying also makes it possible to create new materials that offer unique properties existing materials are unable to match. Combining different materials enables us to create coatings that offer levels of hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties the original materials simply did not have. This opens the door to new applications, while also improving the performance of your components.



Thermal spraying has applications in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and many more. This technology offers many benefits that enhance the safety, durability, performance and efficiency of your components.



Thermal spraying offers a whole host of benefits, whether you are looking to repair your parts or manufacture new ones. This technology offers a cost-effective, sustainable and efficient way to repair parts and produce new parts with improved properties. With that in mind, we strongly recommend that you consider this technology for any upcoming projects and discover the benefits it offers.


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